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An offensive tackle who earned All-Pro honors while playing in the NFL, Turley thrived with the New Orleans Saints, St. Louis Rams, and Kansas City Chiefs.  At over 300 lbs and with the quick feet he developed as a high school wrestler, Turley was known for both his blocking skills and his nasty demeanor.

As a star player at SDSU, Turley was selected 7th overall in the NFL draft after an All-American season with the Aztecs.  From the start, Turley was one of Coach Ditka’s guys made in the same tough mold as the Hall of Fame coach.  Kyle’s most famous moment came, when protecting his QB Aaron Brooks, he ripped the helmet off of the Jets defender who was attempting to injure his signal caller.  The infamous helmet toss that followed made big #68 an instant legend.

As impressive as the outspoken lineman was as on the field, he was just as interesting off it with a list of unique hobbies including surfing and music. Towards the end of his NFL playing career, the lineman devoted more time to his musical talents and upon retiring from the NFL, Kyle formed the Kyle Turley Band.  Now, with several albums to his credit under his Gridiron Records label, Turley has toured with legendary bands including Hank Williams III and Lynrd Skynyrd.

With his combination of outspoken personality and loyalty, Turley also serves to promote the needs of retired NFL players in need.  Teaming up with Coach Ditka, Kyle is a spokesman for Gridiron Greats and continues to tirelessly bring awareness to players who suffer ongoing injuries due to their commitment on the field.

KT signs his transcript certificates after his one-on-one social media CHATOGRAPH chat with fans!

KT signs his transcript certificates after his one-on-one social media CHATOGRAPH chat with fans!


Former first round pick and All-Pro OL Kyle Turley engaged fans Saturday afternoon at August 8th at 5pm PST where he discussed everything from his greatest memory, teammates, and fans.  Turley signed CHATOGRAPH transcript certificates for a one-of-a-kind celebrity engagement for fans!

Here is the complete CHATOGRAPH conversation:

Chris Boatman: Who were some of your favorite teammates at State? Who was the best athlete you played with?

@KyleTurley: Chris, My O-line brothers were my favorite.  Ephram Salam, Mike Malano, & others. Best athlete- @MarshallFaulk!

@2400Baudboy: What were the biggest differences between football at the College level and at the NFL level?

@KyleTurley: Speed!  Size and Speed. @KyleTurley @2400Baudboy

Don Rhoads: What was your favorite moment in Aztec history? @kyleturley

@KyleTurley: Good question Don- It was all great.  Represented a smaller school as a first round pick as the first o-lineman taken.

Chris Mascaro: Kyle, no one played the game or brings more passion to interviews than you. Your music is awesome, your CDs never leave my car CD player. @KyleTurley @ctmascaro

@KyleTurley: Thanks Chris!  I appreciate the love and glad you like music.  Keep rockin’ it loud! @KyleTurley @ctmascaro

Chris Mascaro: We have always really enjoyed having you on our show Thursday Night Tailgate. What changes are you hoping will come from the NFL & NFLPA to take care of alumni players? @KyleTurley

@KyleTurley: They will stop looking at the money directed towards benefits as the NFL’s own.

Aaron Cull: Fellow Aztec, Big SDSU Fan!  @KyleTurley

@KyleTurley: Aaron, Fight on, brother!  Sons of Montezuma, we will win again! We’re with you so get better. @KyleTurley @SDSU

@supertk23: I am a middle school O-Line coach. What advice can you give for new-to-football linemen, as well as for motivating linemen that wanted to play other positions? @KyleTurley

@KyleTurley: Weight has nothing to do w/ skill.  Footwork is the key.  Work hard, never quit. @KyleTurley

Andrew H: Kyle, who do you give the hardest hit to and who did you receive the hardest hit from? @KyleTurley

@KyleTurley: My all-time favorite battles were with @MichaelStrahan so I’d say him.  But there were too many big hits to mention. @KyleTurley

@2400Baudboy: What were your best and worst experiences with the NFL draft? @KyleTurley

@KyleTurley: The best experience was obviously going 7th overall as the first lineman taken.  There was no bad experience for me.  I was at home with my family. @KyleTurley

Marlow: Hi KT! Did you ever have to put a rookie in his place during training camp? @KyleTurley @Marlowonline

@KyleTurley: Marlow, We are all fighting for a job.  Sometimes you have to show you’re the guy!  But I had to sing the SDSU fight song plenty my Rookie year too. @KyleTurley @marlowonline