CHATOGRAPH certificateDon’t just get an autograph, experience a CHATOGRAPH™!

Experience a CHATOGRAPH™ and have your one-on-one social media engagement with your favorite current player, legend, or celebrity. And every CHATOGRAPH™ experience includes your conversation transcript on a limited-edition 8.5″ x 11″ certificate autographed by the athlete! Sign up now, have a chat with a superstar, and get your original autographed certificate!

  • 1) Check and see when your favorite celebrity is appearing on the SHOP page
  • 2) Select the player, add to your cart, and enter your question/comment
  • 3) Have your interaction blasted across social media
  • 4) Receive your personal autographed CHATOGRAPH™ certificate via mail.

Check the calendar for upcoming CHATOGRAPH™ sessions. Space is limited so sign up to interact with your favorite player or celebrity now!

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